This website along with all of my services are running on my librebooted Thinkpad T60 homeserver. I use Debian GNU/Linux on it because its stable and it respects my freedom.

The webserver and reverse proxy of my choice is nginx. For renewing TLS/SSL certificates I use certbot since it offers a plugin for nginx which makes things very easy.

You can also access this website and all of my services on my Tor mirror.


My main PC is a self-built desktop, it has an RX 6800 GPU, Ryzen 5 5600X CPU and 16GB of RAM. Due to the decent specs of the PC I use Gentoo GNU/Linux on it. You can find my make.conf here, and my kernel config here.

Mobile phone

I have a Google Pixel 2 XL with LineageOS on it, therefore my phone is free of Google spyware. For listening to music and watching YouTube videos I use NewPipe, for browsing the internet I use Bromite and Tor browser and for my matrix client I use Element.


My window manager of choice is dwm with st and dmenu, you can find my rice here. For my browsers I use GNU Icecat, because it doesn't track me like Firefox or Chromium. I use VSCodium as my code editor and I use Element as my Matrix client.

setup 1 setup 2